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On-the-spot Cash for Gold and Silver Coins in Kitchener

Selling your gold and silver coins for cash is a great way to get rid of unwanted or unused metals. Here at Northern Gold Exchange in Kitchener, we have been buying and selling silver and gold coins for over a decade. We have established a solid reputation for being one of the most reliable and trustworthy silver and gold exchange shops in South Western Ontario. Over the years, many customers have benefitted from our prices, knowing that they are selling their silver and gold coins at market value!

Instant Cash for Gold

We inspect and weigh your gold jewelry and gold coins right in front of you. We then determine a fair market price and pay you money in cash, not cheque or store credit like our competitors. All the metals we purchase are refined and never re-sold.

Canadian silver coins

Instant Cash for Silver

Want to sell old silver items such as sterling silverware and silver coins? Come to us, we will pay you in cash. Talk to our experts and get great value for your silver metals.

Cash Loans and Additional Benefits

Do you need immediate cash and don't want to sell your precious metals? We provide cash loans up to 80% of market value on gold and silver jewelry, coins, and sterling silver. We offer other benefits as well, which include:

On-the-spot cash payment

Metal testing with no fees

State-of-the-art metal testing with no fees

Free estimates

Top dollar paid on the same day

We will beat our competitors offers by 5%

Gold coin

The Best Place to Sell Gold and Silver for Cash

Sell your unwanted gold jewelry, gold coins, scrap gold, and other precious metals like silver for cash.

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